This window is presented differently depending on the type of item being processed.

It is indicated whether the item should be active for minors and persons who have already reached retirement age. Whether to take into account the accumulations (End of period rectification checkbox).

Selecting the "End of period rectification" option means that the program will recalculate retroactively to January 1st of the current year (or since the employee's entry date). Check this option ONLY for rate type items (never for amount type items). Be careful if a rate changes during the year and is not retroactive: uncheck.

If we treat an item with ceilings these data are monthly :

If a pension fund type item is processed:

The ceiling, the coordination deduction, the minimum and maximum coordinated salary and the amount of the entry threshold will be indicated.

If the option for the analytical breakdown of the items has been activated, the item to be broken down specifically in cost accounting will be indicated. 

If we have the multi-currency version, we will indicate the currency of the ceilings/floors

If it is a social insurance item, link to the relevant contract.

Please note that once the item has been used, the contract becomes greyed out and it is no longer possible to modify it. If you change insurance during the year, you will have to recreate an item.

If you want to create calculation brackets (see here ), define the properties of the brackets: